About Briden

Thanks for visiting our web site. I am Denise Vertrees and Briden Basenjis began when my husband, Brian, and I acquired our first basenji in 1991. We found an ad in the local bargain paper for a basenji and my brother-in-law decided to go see him. This home was close by so we went along as we had never seen a basenji before.

Brian’s brother had been interested in basenjis but decided he really shouldn’t get a dog as he was preparing to move to another city. We had been thinking about getting a dog, so as unprepared as we were, we bought Simon for a mere $60.00, doghouse included. Simon Sezz was a rescue of sorts and had been through 3 homes in the first 6 months of his life. We were able to contact the breeders, get all the necessary paperwork and finally registered Simon. He was neutered at a year old. We certainly did a lot of learning with Simon, as we knew nothing about Basenjis except that they didn’t bark. This started the research! Simon went on to complete his Field Champion and Senior Courser titles in ASFA Lure Coursing and to date is my only “dual titled” dog. Be sure to visit Simon’s page for some awesome pictures of him on the lure.

We decided that we might try our hand at showing dogs and got our first show dog in 1992. We acquired Klassic’s Tail of the Tiger, our little Zumi, from Sue Kite, and so began our conformation training. We certainly did a lot of training with Zumi, but mostly it was US that were being trained. Zumi completed her AKC Championship title at the age of 3, and 6 weeks pregnant with her first litter. We had no intentions of staying in the “show world”, but that was before I stepped foot in the ring. I can’t think of anyplace I’d rather be. I love the competition and the joy of breeding and showing my own dogs.

I strive to bring mentally and physically sound, healthy basenjis into the world by health testing all my dogs and doing extensive research.